Unexpected Hiatus!!!!

Im sorry for this wierd hiatus but right now Im with limited internet (which I need to save) and I need to take care of my grandma and my 6yo cousin… So if im not here until next month (like in the mid) dont freak out because im still on tumblr, the only problem is that I cant be here

Kisses :3

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[make me choose]

snow or belle

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I can’t go to jail, Felix. I don’t have the temperament. In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them.
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i stole a stolen car?

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Sometimes, the best book has the  d u s t i e s t  jacket…

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To the Mother I have never known I’m trying, I’m trying hard despite all the falls and all the pain I feel,all the wrong roads I’ve taken, all the undeserved trust I gave away, all the slap I’ve taken from this hard life without you, I promise, I’m holding on and I’m putting on my best smile.                                - The Complaint of the lost girl
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Belle Appreciation Week || Day One
↳ Favourite Episode :: Skin Deep // The Outsider // Lacey
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